Why Velocity

Quality, Cost-Saving Medical Coding Services

Velocity Healthcare provides quality and cost-effective medical coding services to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our services reduce the coding staffing burdens and other rising costs that hospitals face. We do this by providing:

Flexible Staff

We know that patient volumes and workloads can fluctuate at hospitals. From flu season to summer vacations, different months present different workloads for hospital coding staff. Our coding team is flexible and able to handle large increases in workloads during busy seasons, and we can also reduce the number of coding staff members needed for your hospital during slower periods. This flexibility ensures you have a financially efficient and reliable team working on your medical and billing records at all times, preventing you from being under or overstaffed.

Regulation & Compliance Training

Keeping up with the latest coding guidelines from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) isn’t easy to do, especially when you’ve got a hospital to run. Velocity Healthcare is here to do this for you. We regularly train our team and keep them up to date on the latest compliance guidelines.

USA-Based Medical Coding Staff

Our entire medical coding staff is based in the United States – we don’t outsource our jobs overseas. We believe that keeping our coding staff based in the United States streamlines communication and provides the highest quality medical coding services for our clients.

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Partnering with You to Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Velocity Healthcare approaches our relationship with hospitals as a partnership. We want to improve your hospital’s efficiency throughout the entire revenue cycle. Our team has a diverse background of service-specific medical coding experience – including benefit costs, overhead, recruitment and retention costs.

We’re experienced serving multiple hospital types, from level 1 trauma centers to community access hospitals. This gives us insight into different procedures and workflows. Through this experience, we’ve learned a number of ways to help your hospital find the best practice for your situation. We’re active participants in improving the revenue cycle process and providing a fresh set of eyes to review your procedures and make training suggestions to keep operations running smoothly.

Adaptable Coding
Support for Hospitals

Velocity Healthcare offers multiple models of coding support services based on a hospital’s specific needs.

Fully-Outsourced Coding Services

We’re experienced in transitioning a hospital’s entire coding operation under our purview, including hiring your existing staff to help your hospital save on overhead costs.

Mixed Support Services

Velocity Healthcare can provide support to your existing coding team, especially in specific coding areas that require extra training or experience.

Temporary Support Services

Our team can provide temporary coding support during seasonal or staffing fluctuations.