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Inpatient Coding

Experienced Inpatient Coding Professionals

Velocity Healthcare specializes in hospital coding. Our inpatient coding expertise includes skilled nursing facilities and swing beds, in addition to the traditional inpatient hospital services.

Our team of experienced inpatient coders is well-trained and up-to-date on the latest inpatient coding guidelines. We’re experienced in working with a variety of hospitals and our coding team requires minimal hospital-specific training, as we quickly adapt to your hospital’s unique workflow.

Our inpatient coding team is committed to:

  • Improving coding accuracy
  • Increasing coding productivity
  • Optimizing the overall revenue cycle

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Our Inpatient Coding Services

Velocity’s Inpatient Coding Advantage

Choosing Velocity Healthcare for inpatient coding services provides hospitals with a number of advantages.

Flexible staff and resources based on patient volume

Patient volumes fluctuate throughout the year due to factors such as flu season or physician vacations. Newly created programs and hospital acquisitions can also impact your inpatient coding workload. Throughout these fluctuations, Velocity Healthcare’s coding team adjusts to match your coding expense to patient volume. This prevents your hospital from dealing with staff shortages or surpluses and increases your overall efficiency.

Reduce the need for in-house coding staff

It’s difficult for hospitals to find qualified candidates to fulfill their coding needs. Our inpatient coding team is experienced, trained, and regularly updated on the latest inpatient coding guidelines and CMS regulations.

Reduce hospital overhead costs

Velocity Healthcare reduces or eliminates your in-house overhead costs to staff and other departmental requirements. Costs such as salary, benefits, certification training, and hiring searches can add up. We can reduce your hospital’s bottom line costs and increase your revenue cycle efficiency.

Adaptable Coding Support for Hospitals

Velocity Healthcare offers multiple models of coding support services based on a hospital’s specific needs.