Velocity Healthcare Collaborative History

Velocity Healthcare Collaborative, LLC formed in 2016 as a nonprofit, joint venture of Houston Healthcare and Navicent Healthcare to provide hospital coding and other revenue cycle services to hospitals. After our founding in 2016, the coding staff from each hospital joined our team and began training for our services to go live in May 2017.

Our office is based in Macon, Georgia, and our coding staff works remotely. This allows us the capability to serve hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

Our Mission

Hospitals face a number of challenges when it comes to coding and compliance. Velocity Healthcare handles those issues for hospitals, allowing the medical staff to focus on providing quality care to patients. We deliver cost-effective and quality hospital coding services to our clients. Our hospital coding team is experienced with a variety of hospital environments, from level 1 trauma centers to community access hospitals. This experience allows us to build on the latest trends in hospital coding and stay up-to-date on the complex regulations in the dynamic hospital coding field.

Our Experience

Our medical coding staff is experienced working with a variety of EHR’s, computer-assisted coding, and remote access software. We’ve worked with a number of hospitals, meaning our staff is knowledgeable and proficient with a diverse set of workflows and hospital-specific procedures. This reduces the time needed for hospital-specific training as we provide services including: