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Revenue Cycle Support

Targeted Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Velocity Healthcare’s coding staff provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) support for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Some of our RCM support services include:

  • Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) validation to ensure the coded patient information matches the hospital claim
  • Evaluate claim edits to check for coding accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Assist with denial appeals to insurance companies
  • Assist with Electronic Health Records (EHR) upgrades to validate the implementation
  • Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) support to ensure proper payments from CMS
  • Identify and evaluate coding trends to improve efficient coding of claims

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Revenue Cycle Management Services.

Partnering With Your Facility to Streamline Workflow

Our certified coding staff partners with hospitals to implement the most efficient workflow process throughout the revenue cycle. We identify ways to automate or reorganize your documentation, coding, and communication to save hospitals time and money. Velocity Healthcare coordinates with your internal team and physicians to streamline operation within your departments including:

  • Clinic Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • General Information Technology (IT) needs
  • Health Information Management (HIM)

Flexible, Certified Medical Coding Staff

Our certified medical coding staff is experienced working with a multitude of EHR’s, computer-assisted coding, and remote access software. We’ve worked with numerous hospitals, meaning our staff is knowledgeable and proficient with a variety of workflows and hospital-specific procedures. This reduces the time needed for hospital-specific training as we provide revenue cycle support. This experience allows us to spot patterns of revenue cycle problems and find quick solutions to the root cause.